Futurekids: T-Box Curriculum

FUTUREKIDS partnership with T-Box uniquely facilitates the teaching and assessment of ICT skills.

What is the vision of T-Box?
T-Box goes beyond developing computer science knowledge and skills in students. It allows schools have an Educational Technology System, structured under international standards, that helps students develop the skills required for study, work, and life in the XXI Century. T-Box also offers teachers the training, tools, and content which become necessary for collaborating, communicating, and ultimately enriching the educational process.

T-Box develops the following skills in students:
  • Creative and relevant use of technology
  • Information management skills
  • Effective communication
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Problem - solving abilities

What are the T-Box standards?
T-Box bases its academic products on international standards which determine and regulate the use of technology within schools. This makes it much easier for students to obtain international certifications regarding the topics they view in class. The international standards which T-Box bases itself on are:
  • 1.NETS Standards from the International Society for Technology in Education.
  • 2.Cambridge ICT Starters Standard from University of Cambridge.
  • 3.Microsoft Office Specialist Standard by Microsoft.
  • 4.Adobe Certified Associate Standard by Adobe and Certiport.

By having an educational program based on these global standards, T-Box provides students the training and skills needed to meet the demands of a constantly changing and innovative global environment. We help you tailor and organize a learning path that gradually prepares students according to their age and educational level.

INSYSS make IT simple.

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